Give Helix a try

It is our plan to package the Helix SDK into a single download that you can install on your platform of choice. This will install the SDK manager that will help you to provision and generate the projects that you will work on. It will help you to identify the language environment of your choice, and also the deployment style for your project.

Questions, Comments, Support

Please use the Q&A Forums to get help with the download and installation process.

We are always monitoring the Q&A Forums and our community of users and volunteers is second to none.

Welcome on board!

Download Options

  • Full Source Code
  • Windows 32-Bit SDK Installer
  • Windows 64-Bit SDK Installer
  • Linux 32-Bit SDK Installer - RPM
  • Linux 32-Bit SDK Installer - DEB
  • Linux 32-Bit SDK Installer - tar.gz
  • Linux 64-Bit SDK Installer - RPM
  • Linux 64-Bit SDK Installer - DEB
  • Linux 64-Bit SDK Installer - tar.gz

0.0.3 - Major Features Added

  • Web site source separated from the SDK source.
  • Product page updated

Major Bugs Fixed

0.0.2 - Major Features Added

  • Web site download page links setup
  • Blog links updated.

Major Bugs Fixed

0.0.1 - Major Features Added

  • Web site download page created
  • Web site hosting site provisioned

Major Bugs Fixed

  • Connection to MySQL
  • Layout of source tree
  • Organization of QA site.