100% JavaScript Native Web Applications

Using Qooxdoo the universal JavaScript framework takes the worry out of creating beautiful, full-featured web applications. Qooxdoo handles the browser discrepancies that have plagued your web development efforts, while providing a feature-rich widget set that has best in class performance.

  • Build Applications for Mobile platforms (iPhone, Android, Tablet, etc.)
  • Build Full Size Applications
  • Build Inline Applications to augment existing web sites.
  • 100% JavaScript - no CSS, or HTML to worry about.
  • Uses XML or JSON to communicate with the application server.

Create Beautiful Full-Featured Web Applications

Helix Overview

For Your Team

Save Time by starting with a proven framework that our SDK will provision to create your project out of the box.

For Your Code

Only write what is central to your application. Rely on the Helix code-generators to produce the nuts and bolts code that is error-prone and tedious to write by hand. Focus your efforts where they are most needed.