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Everything must be working ... the spammers have found us!

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It's like a rite of passage or the mark of having arrived.  When you set up a free-form site like this one, you hope that people will find you organically on the web.  One of the best ways to know for certain that links are working, and that the site is visible is to wait for the spammers to find you.  If even the spammers can't find you, well then something is really not working and you need to go back to your configuration and figure it out.

I was getting a little worried, because Helix Q&A has been up for a week or so at this point, and I hadn't seen anything yet.  But today brought absolute confirmation that everything is up and running properly, and that we are visible to the world: the spammers have arrived smiley

The site's volume is low enough at this point that I'm still going to keep it pretty open.  I'll handle keeping things clean manually until it gets to the point where I'm overwhelmed.  When that happens, I'll tweak the settings to start locking things down a bit more.


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asked Aug 6, 2013 by Steven M. Cherry (42,320 points)
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